Noticia importante: Askelten Palo, en consulta con sus miembros, ha decidido posponer el Latin Folk Night VI debido a la contigencia sanitaria por Coronavirus COVID-19.  Anunciaremos una nueva fecha tan pronto como lo hayamos acordado con las partes correspondientes. Mientras tanto, nos seguimos preparando para ofrecer una noche involvidable a nuestro publico. ¡Gracias por su apoyo!

Important news: Askelten Palo, in consultation with its members, has decided to postpone Latin Folk Night VI. We will announce a new date as soon as we have agreed with the corresponding parties. Meanwhile, we continue preparing to offer an unforgettable night to our public. Thanks for your support!

We will keep on working hard for a night to remember!  

"In Askelten Palo we want to provide a space for people to connect with their roots and culture, create new bonds, learn from each other and improve their well-being. We see Askelten Palo not only as an association but also as a family. Welcome to be part of it!"

Words from our Chairwoman

Ana Montaño

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