Imara Reyes Escobar is a Honduran folk dance and choreographer from Balfate.

She is been a folk dance from an early age: she has performed in folk dance presentations in school. During high school she has practiced rhythmic gymnastics as a performer and as a choreographer. She has performed, taught and produced Honduran dances since 2014 in Helsinki. She is now in charge of the Honduran and Central American dances in Askelten palo.


Telma Vania Gomez Velasco is a Bolivian dancer and choreographer from La Paz.
She has received formal training in traditional Bolivian folkloric dance at "Bolivia India" school in La Paz. She has participated in dance performances at folklore festivals in La Paz and Oruro carnival which is considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
Today she is a founder of Askelten Palo multicultural association and the person in charge of producing Bolivian folklore dances in Helsinki.
Telma is a lover of folk music as well and with her knowledge she wants to cultivate, promote and share Bolivian culture through dance in Finland.


Mirko Vierislav Pavicic Venegas is a Chilean dancer choreographer from San Antonio.

He has participated in different workshops of classic, World and Latin American folk dances during his school years. He has also practiced aerobics in the Marta Moraga sport association in Melipilla. He has also performed contemporary dance in the dance company of the University Santo Tomás in Santiago in 2005. He has performed Cuecas and Huasos dances in the Folk Club of Melipilla. He also has danced in the City Hall of Melipilla in the Day of the Race in the same year.


Robinson Marco Antonio Olivares Puebla, is a Chilean dance instructor of different latin rhythm from Los Andes, who came to Finland in 2015 participating in different instances of promotion of Latin American roots. Is part of the Askelten Palo since 2016 when he was the presenter of the Latin Folk Night II. After his colaboration, Robinson join to our family in a charge of the Chilean folk dances and design of social media. Currently he is also our Artist Director.


Janeth Quispe Matamoros is a Peruvian dance choreographer from Huancayo. She has performed Indian folk from young in different teams and Bollywood dances in Huancayo and Helsinki. She is a founder member of Askelten palo cultural association and the person in charge of producing the Peruvian folk dances since 2010. She has also produced and contributed in the production of Chilean and Nicaraguan folk dances.


Audry Rolando is  Columbian  living in Finland. She is coming from a family of musicians and dancers, that’s why she dance since a little girl! love music, her culture, roots and folklore. She would like that the entire world knows those beautiful things from Colombia.


Antonio Bohorquez is a mexican guy who finished his internship as a Public Accountant at Benito Juarez University in Oaxaca. He fond of fine arts, like painting and dance. He Was part of the Folkloric Group of Oaxaca, A. C. Dancing different folkloric dances of the guelaguetza. He was a teacher of primary education and I showed his dance skills to him students to achieve their participation in some public events.


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