Imara Reyes Escobar is a Honduran folk dance and choreographer from Balfate.

She has been a folk dance from an early age: she has performed in folk dance presentations in school. During high school, she has practiced rhythmic gymnastics as a performer and as a choreographer. She has performed, taught and produced Honduran dances since 2014 in Helsinki. She is now in charge of the Honduran and Central American dances in Askelten Palo.

Imara Reyes.

Janeth Quispe Matamoros is a Peruvian dance choreographer from Huancayo. She has performed Indian folk from young in different teams and Bollywood dances in Huancayo and Helsinki. She is a founder member of Askelten palo cultural association and the person in charge of producing the Peruvian folk dances since 2010. She has also produced and contributed in the production of Chilean and Nicaraguan folk dances.


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